Alex Biddle

Alex Biddle

Senior Mining Analyst

MESci (Hons)

Alex joined SFA (Oxford) in November 2014 after graduating from Cardiff University with a master’s degree in Earth Science. He has worked on various consulting projects while at SFA, including reviewing new project production and business plans for major PGM-producers in South Africa, as well as developing new cost metrics to enable companies to improve their internal asset appraisal. Alex also conducts market research and has developed demand models for platinum end use in various niche applications, as well as a new cost model for the autocatalyst recycling industry.

Key Assignments
  • Autocatalyst recycling industry - researching the major players involved in spent autocatalyst recycling. Analysing the economics of each stage in the value chain, the success of various business models open to players and the macroeconomic impacts on autocatalyst recycling volumes and margins.

  • PGM metal trade flows - research into the global metal trade flows for Pt, Pd and Rh with respect to where the price is made for each metal.
  • Analysed mine operations and plans, focusing on areas of production risk for major PGM producers including scenario benchmarking.
  • Conducted cost saving analysis for major PGM producers presenting strategy options for discussion at board level.
  • Development of a new operating cost metrics with industry wide applications, to enable benchmarking of mine assets on a level playing field.
  • Analysis of mine production plans and mine business strategy for major PGM producers.
  • Modelling demand trends for niche applications of platinum in oxygen sensors, NOx sensors and water purification systems.
  • Internal marketing evaluation of SFA, including competitor analysis and website appraisal.
  • Responsible for the administration of SFA’s website.


  • MESci (Hons) in Earth Sciences, Cardiff University

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