Thomas Chandler

Thomas Chandler

Strategy Analyst: Project Consulting

MEarthSci (Hons)

Thomas offers multidiciplined analysis and consulting in many specialist applications affecting usage of commodities. He is responsible for SFA's industrial demand and technology databases and analysis. Thomas has provided speciallist research to major clients on Internet of Things (IOT) outlook and industry impacts, automotive sensors and spark plugs, electronics sector, and chemical and industrial catalysts. 

In his time at SFA he has also worked on a number of consultancy projects reviewing shaft and new project production plans and the associated mining risks for major PGM-producing companies in South Africa, as well as market research and analysis for strategic metals, and industrial minerals. 

Thomas joined SFA (Oxford) having completed a Master’s of Earth Sciences degree (with Honours) at the University of Manchester.

Key Assignments

  • Implications for 'ride sharing' on automotive sales growth and therefore metal use.
  • A detailed study on automotive spark plugs and sensors including major players, technology evolution and outlook.
  • An in-depth analysis of the hard disc drive sector to understand technology threats, substitution and opportunities. 
  • Monitors all capacity builds, closures and metal top ups in industrial applications including the oil refining, nitric acid and chemical plants worldwide. 
  • 'Internet of Things' disruptive technology and implications for metal use. 
  • Worked on projects reviewing mining plans and analysed production data and the associated mining risks for existing mines and shafts and new PGM projects.
  • Analysis of mine worker demographics of PGM mines and their individual shafts, highlighting strategic focus areas for labour optimisation.
  • Research and analysis of the workforce model used during ramp-up of new PGM projects from 1997 to date, focusing on the use of contractors and the relative success of the workforce model during the ramp-up phase.
  • Research and analysis of supply, demand and price trends for selected base and precious metals, and formation of short-term market outlooks.


  • MEarthSci (with Honours) Earth Sciences, University of Manchester

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