The Platinum Standard

What is The Platinum Standard?

One half review, one half preview, The Platinum Standard comprises analytical articles on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the years ahead

Each issue will also collate all the key industry data and indicators for the past 12 months, taking account of the major factors that have impacted PGM supply, demand, and pricing over that period. This data is then inserted into SFA (Oxford)’s trusted brand of supply-demand tables to create a comprehensive, full-year view of the PGM markets.

The Platinum Standard will be released annually in May on the eve of London Platinum Week.

Why we created The Platinum Standard

Given the perpetual challenges the PGM industry faces, and the turning point at which it now sits, SFA (Oxford), spurred on by public demand, felt a certain responsibility to the industry as a trusted source of PGM analysis to create a publication that brings to light those issues – industrial, economic, and political – that we believe will shape the PGM industry of tomorrow.

How to get hold of The Platinum Standard

The Platinum Standard is provided annually, to all Oxford Platinum Lectures delegates.

To register your interest in receiving a copy of The Platinum Standard, please contact us.