Battery Raw Materials


A deep understanding of automotive technologies

SFA's long history in PGMs and their association with emissions compliance and the auto sector has provided us with a deep understanding of powertrain technologies. 

Not just PGMs...

Our experience has provided us with a springboard to consult on other commodities such as cobalt and lithium. SFA has worked with car companies, battery cathode manufacturers, investors and mining companies to provide detailed market intelligence, price forecasting, as well as project and mine due diligence services.

Not just commodities...

In addition, we've helped companies to invest in emerging technologies and to expand their regional footprints to new frontiers - whether it's a deep-dive assignment on the future of cloud-based storage technologies, the internet of things (IoT) or the hydrogen economy, our expertise has augmented the strategic efforts of our clients. 

Latest reports

Lithium Market Report

On behalf of end-users, SFA produced a report to evaluate the long-term outlook for lithium supply from brine and mineral operations and projects, as well as to offer an understanding of current and future battery manufacturing capacity and its link to the uptake in electric vehicles worldwide. The report offers high and low electric vehicle scenarios to understand the potential impacts on the lithium supply chain. To find out more click here. 

Cobalt Market Report

SFA has a background evaluating projects in the DRC, as well as providing detailed analysis on the market outlook and prices for cobalt on behalf of end users and producers. 

The report includes a long-term outlook for battery chemistries and cobalt requirements including the move to more cobalt-rich formulations in China and the steady shift to nickel sulphate at the expense of cobalt worldwide. 

A full breakdown of cobalt supply by mine type is offered as well as an assessment of supply constraints, particularly from the DRC. To find out more click here. 

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