The Ruthenium Market

The Ruthenium Market report offers a robust, independent outlook for this niche strategic commodity. It provides a granular overview of the technological developments and underlying evolution of demand and end-use applications – electrical, chemical catalysis, electrochemical, and aerospace.

The report tracks and forecasts ruthenium supply-demand balance trends, offering insights (commercial knowledge) and proprietary (discreetly derived) estimates of above-ground ruthenium stocks (stockpiles, working inventories) that currently exist with producers, traders and recyclers.

The main application, namely higher-density data storage (electrical demand), is covered in detail, in particular: manufacturing bases, players and regions; price and performance drivers encouraging the use of ruthenium; and threats to ruthenium at current prices (substitution, new technologies).

Chemical catalysis applications are also covered, namely acetic acid synthesis, ammonia production and metathesis (Grubbs) catalysts, offering market intelligence on capacity by region and consumption, and indicating growth areas and demand upside. Future demand opportunities in applications where superalloys are widely used, such as aerospace turbine blades, have also been researched and assessed.

Who Should Read This Report
  • Ruthenium-/PGM-focused end-users and fabricators in need of an independent supply, demand, stocks and pricing picture of the ruthenium market and its evolving technologies and new applications.
  • Producers and fabricators requiring an independent review of end-use evolution, including opportunities, threats and substitutes as well as an understanding of price risks.

The Report

In this comprehensive, thoroughly researched report, readers are offered a detailed view of the ruthenium market, including the following sections:

Electrical Application Demand

  • Use of ruthenium in hard-disk drives (HDD).
  • Technology evolution and main players.
  • Technology substitution threats from solid-state drives (SSD).
  • Forecast memory capacity requirements and HDD manufacture.
  • Impact of changing technology on ruthenium demand outlook.

Chemical Catalyst Demand

  • Forecast regional production of ammonia and acetic acid.
  • CATIVA™, KAAP™ and Grubbs catalyst technologies.
  • Technology evolution: growth and substitution threats.
  • Installed capacity versus production outlook.
  • Forecast demand for ruthenium from new plant capacity and top-up requirements.

Electrochemical Demand

  • Industrial process requirements of anodes coated with PGMs.
  • Chloralkali products and output, growth, capacity requirements and PGM top-up requirements.

New Applications and Potential Upside

  • Aerospace, superalloys: legislation, turbine blade technology and the economics of using ruthenium.
  • Fuel cells: technologies, outlook, potential hydrogen requirements and opportunities for ruthenium use in catalysts.

Ruthenium Supply and Stocks

  • Forecast (primary) supply, by producer and by region. 
  • Estimated stocks (stockpiles, working inventories), producers, traders and recyclers. 

Pricing of Ruthenium

  • Pricing trends out to 2021.

Your Copy

For more information on our report on the ruthenium market, or to obtain a copy of the report, please get in touch with us.