Platinum-Group Metals

 “SFA provides us with critical market intelligence on the global supply situation for PGMs. In particular, their fundamental understanding of PGM production cost developments help us anticipate and understand the possible changes in supply. To our thinking, SFA is the only source we would consider for this type of information”

Feedback from major PGM end-user client

SFA (Oxford) is the leading platinum-group metal (PGM) consultancy having spent the last decade successfully completing complex assignments for PGM producers, end-users and investors, whilst compiling the most comprehensive, independent supply and demand database.

We work confidentially in support of each client’s specific needs, augmenting strategic decision-making and adding value to a portfolio of companies that spans the entire value chain, from mine to market.

SFA (Oxford)’s wide-ranging analysis of platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium and their markets includes extensive forecasting of the supply, demand and pricing trends of these strategic metals, as well as detailed financial modelling for operations (producing, recycling, refining and smelting) in all of the major regions of the world and an empirical understanding of the metal requirements and market projections for end-use fabricators at the other end of the PGM spectrum.

A list of all of our latest reports on the PGM industry can be found here.