PGM Market Board Note

SFA’s tailored Board notes provide CEOs with in-depth, forward-looking intelligence covering the current and future trends and influences acting on global PGMs: information essential for future business planning and strategic decision-making. 

These reports can be delivered to coincide with scheduled Board meetings and reporting requirements, providing management with a concise digest of all the key industry facts, figures and forecasts.

Who Should Read This Board Note

  • Chairmen, Directors and Heads of Department interested in long-term prices and market justification for project appraisal and business strategy, and an independent view of the markets.


The Board Note

The PGM Board note for delivery to company directors examines the long-term prospects of the platinum, palladium and rhodium markets, and is suitable for use in Board meetings.

Each report will provide contemporary macroeconomic analysis of the medium- to long-term PGM dynamics in play. In the report, SFA will define a central case on global supply along with other scenarios, whilst considering producer economics and the impact of secondary supply (recycling). Furthermore, SFA will offer topical commentary and anecdotal evidence on significant and/or recent developments within the industry alongside the issues likely to impact future demand and pricing, for example, emissions legislation, ETF developments, new automotive technology, and other global economic developments.

long-term price forecast for PGMs covering the near-term and out to 2025 will be included.

These intelligence reports are delivered as succinct, bullet-point commentaries and will incorporate tabulated and graphic data accompanied by relevant slides for presentation at Board meetings. 

NB. The content of each report will vary depending upon industry developments and your requirements. 


Conference Call

Each Board note will be followed by a conference call during which our team of expert analysts will offer further commentary on the content of each report, as well as discussing any salient developments which have arisen in the intervening period.


Your Copy

For more information on our bespoke Board reporting service, or to subscribe to this service, please get in touch with us.