SFA (Oxford) is in a unique position to offer investment sector analysis. Our consultants have comprehensive engineering-based knowledge of every aspect of mining and metal production, along with experience from the investor's point of view. This means that we can analyse technical data to discern the specific information that investors require, and present detailed investment analysis from which our clients can make secure, informed decisions.

Our expertise covers:

  • Robust mathematical models, uniquely formulated, to monitor the movement of markets.
  • Clear executive summaries and tightly structured reports to deliver key information quickly and efficiently.
  • Constant monitoring of markets relating to our core commodities.
  • Analysis covering ETFs, futures, spot prices and stocks.
  • Face-to-face meetings and conference calls.

A mix of scientists, engineering analysts and economic and political consultants makes up the SFA (Oxford) team. Our Director, Stephen Forrest, has experience ranging from the mine face to company direction. All of this expertise places SFA (Oxford) in the unique position of possessing knowledge and experience of investment consultancy from a basis of front-line mine engineering.

Our expert analysts are always happy to answer any questions regarding our services and can, by arrangement, provide detailed presentations, followed by extensive question and answer sessions if required.

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