Insight: Cost Benchmarking

SFA (Oxford) can undertake detailed benchmarking to contextualise mining projects and producers at all levels of the market within their own peer or regional group, or at an international level. Our extensive due diligence research and decades of expertise in the management and valuation of mining projects allow us to provide accurate analysis of the prospects of a project, from exploration and feasibility stages through to expansions and restarts.

See the Future, Change the Future

Insight, SFA (Oxford)’s ground-up, interactive, open-access costing, benchmarking and charting software includes all of this expertise and delivers the most comprehensive view of supply economics in the PGM industry.

This intuitive, Microsoft Excel-based package offers an unparalleled perspective on production costs and producer margins, allowing you to make highly-informed, strategic decisions for your business, giving you the competitive edge.

A Model for Success

As an industry player, you need to be in the know – you need a clear, consolidated view of your economic position against that of your competitors in this highly challenging market. That’s where we come in.

SFA and Solution 7, a leading software company, have developed a state-of-the-art, highly intuitive system that puts you in the driving seat. Now, using SFA’s market-leading PGM forecasting algorithms, you can confidentially model future production scenarios against infinite market conditions, by way of the most accurate and up-to-date information in the industry.

Infinite Strategic Possibilities

  • An interactive database and dynamic charting tool
  • Access SFA (Oxford)’s latest forecasts on mine profitability, costs and production figures from 2000 to 2025
  • Data on PGM mines in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, North America and Russia
  • SFA (Oxford)’s industry-leading view of PGM supply, continuously updated, including quarterly and annual producer results
  • Complete Microsoft Excel integration

Confidential, Customisable Scenario Analysis

  • Forecast global supply profiles (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir, Ni, Cu)
  • Carry out competitor benchmarking analysis
  • Create interactive variable-width charts (4E, 6E, tonnes)
  • Create your own flexible templates (font, style, palettes etc.), incorporating your own data
  • Customisable views: focus on mines, groups of mines, countries and reefs [Coming soon]
  • Our intuitive database automatically updates your customised templates

Your Copy

For more information, or to get your tailored copy of this state-of-the-art software package, please get in touch.