The team at SFA (Oxford), along with our expert associates, can bring their extensive knowledge of energy commodities to bear in detailed, confidential reports tailored to your specific needs.

Our expertise covers all aspects of the demand- and supply-side dynamics of crude oil, including:

  • End-uses and market dynamics and drivers: gasoline and jet-fuel demand and production; drilling costs; seasonal and exchange rate fluctuations; emerging economies and variable regional imports and exports; and the effects of geopolitical tensions.
  • Unique and rigorous mathematical models providing detailed cost breakdowns and credible future price forecasts, including crude oil spot and future price forecasts up to two years and beyond, measuring the impact of new legislation affecting distillate demand.
  • Accurate statistical research and price forecasts supported by our strong ties with Oxford Economics. 
  • Examination of the economic and political climates of major crude-oil producing regions, such as SWOT and PEST analyses of operations in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and detailed analysis of the effects of increasing geopolitical tension between international powers.

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