Downstream Solutions

  • Ground-up forecast of automotive and other end-use demand from industry, legislative and macroeconomic fundamentals.
  • The future of clean automobility and its impact on commodity usage.
  • Quantification of a car manufacturers’ commodity requirements for new product cycle.
  • Independent market projections for end-use fabricators.
  • Analysis of substitution threats for PGMs in catalyst applications for fabricators.
  • New end-uses for fabricators, potential impact on the markets and prices.
  • Long-term price forecasts for fabricators and car companies.
  • Long-term transport and energy forecasts; effect on vehicle and autocatalyst demand.
  • Fuel cells: evaluation of technological and investment climate.
  • A review of the lithium and electric vehicle markets for a car company.
  • Jewellery: Impact of social, demographics and price on emerging demand
  • The political ramifications of a concentrated supply base for fabricators and car companies.
  • Commodity risk management.
  • Independent market intelligence for end-users to aid strategic decision making.
  • Evaluation of, and market impact from, new end-uses for iridium and ruthenium.

You will find a list of our most recent downstream PGM projects here and all of our other downsteam commodity reports here.

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