Augmented Mine Business Planning

SFA (Oxford)’s consulting business has been active internationally on a full-time basis for the last 10 years, successfully augmenting client management’s efforts to independently review and assess mine and project business plans

Our consulting is normally commissioned as part of a strategic business review of mining assets, to dovetail new shaft development and old shaft closure, or to ensure timely shaft delivery. SFA has visited and assessed more than 20 mine shafts, pits and projects.

The consulting team at SFA is led by Stephen Forrest, a chartered and professional engineer with over 15 years of PGM mine experience as Mine Manager and Head of Technical Services. 

Stephen has also conducted and led many due diligence assignments, been responsible for mine shaft sinking and has worked for Boards and investors to seek opportunities to add value or leverage value from assets. Depending on the assignment, the team utilises expert associate mine engineers, geologists, metallurgists and analysts.

Our consulting team challenges mining company business plans, assisting clients to firm up, commit and verify the key production parameters for new shafts and operating mines, as well as the timeline for delivery against strategy. This includes: 

  • analysing development rate assumptions;
  • the scrutiny of half-level layouts (mechanised vs. conventional); and
  • referencing geological plans (extraction rates) and the upcoming geological drilling schedule

Assessments of stoping rates and team efficiencies against shaft construction schedules are also undertaken, as well as construction schedules (logistics, reef, material handling). 

We also verify logistical challenges and determine whether any significant bottlenecks prohibit the shaft from reaching its full potential. 

Finally, we establish the current issues facing the commissioning of projects and quantify the upside and downside risks to shaft production profiles to ensure targets are met unconditionally and communicated to the Board.

With our extensive industry database and client data, we benchmark agreed parameters against internal (where relevant) and external operations (risk scenario analysis). The project/mine planned performance is then benchmarked against the wider sector, where applicable, to identify the competitive edge.

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